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Top 5 Things to Do in Lake Martin, Alabama

Do you love the red hues of the sky during the twilight hours of the day? Ever thought of watching it on the pristine waters of Lake Martin? I was lucky enough to witness such a beautiful event. The last sun rays of the day spread on the lake like a blanket giving it stunning vermillion shade.

Though this place is filled with a plethora of activities, but, sitting on the shore for the sunsets and  sunrises remains one of my favorite things to do around Lake Martin. 

The emerald lake formed due to construction of Martin dam, is surrounded by verdant hills, majestic trees and small islands. Famous for various recreational activities like water skiing, biking, golfing and many more, this picturesque island is much more than I ever imagined it to be.

Best Things to Do at Lake Martin

I explored this gem a few weeks back and I’m still stuck in that stunning beautiful place in my head. It is the perfect place for your family or friends weekend getaway. Let me list some of the best recreational activities I tried there.

Boating and Water Sports: All Aqua

It is the most preferred activity throughout the year except for the winters. Feel the thrills while you unwind yourself via aqua sports. Being an adventurer myself, this was on top of my priority list. Enjoy the endless blue waters when you visit Lake Martin.

Water Sports: Wakesurf/wakeboarding, Flyboarding, Water tricycling, Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Water tubing, Swimming, Boating, Fishing

Rental Spots: Wind Creek State Park Marina, Lakeside Marina, Harbor Pointe Marina, Russell Marine, Anchor Bay Marina Inc, Maxwell Gunter Recreation Area, Lake Martin Tours

Prices: $80/hour to $600/hour

Hiking and Nature Trails

I explored this land while hiking on some of the famous trails and trust me when I say this, it was a blissful experience! The picturesque view along with the tranquil trails in between nature is an experience which I would not trade with anything else.

Famous Trails: 

  • Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail 6.8 Km (Difficulty – moderate)
  • Swayback Bridge Trail 14 Km (Difficulty – moderate)
  • James M. Scott Deadening Alpine Trail 5.8 Km (Difficulty –  hard)
  • Little Smith Mountain Loop Trail 3.4 Km (Difficulty – moderate)
  • John B. Scott Forever Wild Trail 7.1 Km (Difficulty – moderate)
  • Chimney Rock Trail 5.1 Km (Difficulty – moderate)
  • Kowaliga Bay Loop Trail 3.5 Km (Difficulty – moderate)

Fishing Excursions

It was an altogether new experience for me, since I never went fishing. The pristine water of the lake and the varied species of fishes in the lake acted as the best for fishing in this lake fed by different small rivers and streams. One can always enjoy year-round fishing but the seasonal fishing is something I would not recommend missing. 

Depending on the season, you can enjoy fishing at another level,  but do not forget to follow the rules and regulations of fishing in the lake. 

 Local Cuisine and Dining

Ever wondered about trying some local cuisine in Lake Martin ? Savor those taste buds with local delicacies of Lake Martin while relaxing on the beach. Feel the cool breeze on your face while you fine dine at some of the best restaurants in the area. 

Being a foodie, I was a happy soul gobbling on some good food. I’ll list some of the restaurants I found good while dining in Lake Martin.

  • Kowaliga Restaurant
  • Oskar’s Cafe
  • Niffer’s Place Lake Martin
  • The Landing at Parker Creek
  • The Social at Lake Martin

Horse Riding

Explore the lush green pastures with equestrian rides. Ride the guided trails on horses with your loved one and enjoy the scenic beauty this place has to offer you. One such place which offers such services is The Stables at Russell Crossroads.

Places to Stay in Lake Martin

If you are like me who enjoys the natural picturesque area with least human interference, you should definitely explore the area near Lake Martin. After ticking off your itinerary of  Lake Martin things to do, you’ll yearn for a cozy space to come back to, just like I did! 

If you are looking for some of the best Places to Stay in Lake Martin, you should at least know some of the property types available at Lake Martin which one can opt for as vacation rentals . They are cabins, cottages, farmhouses, mansions, and villas.

Take Away

Some of the top Lake Martin attractions include Wind Creek State Park, Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, Horseshoe Bend National Military Park and many more. Definitely, this place cannot be covered in a day. Tick off your itinerary for things to do at Lake Martin at ease while luxuriating in premium vacation rentals in and near Lake Martin by HolidayKeepers and contact us for any of your queries.

And last of all, Lake Martin was something which I would not forget. I landed on this place to unwind when things were getting rougher in life. The serenity this place offers and the mesmerizing picturesque views soothed my tired soul like anything. If you are also someone who rejuvenates like this, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

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