Why is the Poconos Considered the Best Place to Invest in Vacation Rentals?

Green lush forests, rolling mountains, calm lake waters, and a laid-back atmosphere is what define the Poconos. A true gem and a perfect vacation destination for people looking to unwind. According to data, close to 27.9 million vacationers throng to the beautiful Poconos annually. With a strong vibe and amazing recreational activities, the Poconos attracts people from all walks of life and it comes as no surprise that it is one of the leading markets for vacation rental investment.

In this blog, we will help you understand why the Poconos is considered the best place to invest in vacation rentals. 


The Poconos is a quintessential part of the East Coast that is just a couple of hour’s drive from Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey, making it an ideal destination for urban souls looking for some time out to rejuvenate from urban fatigue. Plus, the Poconos is blessed with several natural water streams and is surrounded by natural wonders, resorts, and water parks. So, investing in vacation rentals in the Poconos can draw potential guests not just from nearby areas but across the globe.

Business All Year Round

While many vacation rental owners mainly rely on peak season to generate major chucks of their revenue, however, the Poconos is different in that sense as it attracts a constant flow of visitors throughout the year. This provides investors the opportunity to book the maximum number of occupancies per year and gives investors a chance to translate this into high returns and receive more positive reviews for their properties which in turn attract more eyeballs. Plus with booking year-round, investors can recoup the investment faster and start earning profit quickly in comparison to other similar destinations.

Tourist Attractions

Tourists or vacationers usually travel with the intent to explore all the nearby tourist attractions, and when it comes to tourist spots, the Poconos is second to none. The Poconos features some of the best places that influence vacationers across the globe. From natural wonders such as majestic waterfalls, great hiking trails, mesmerizing lakes,  fishing spots, and historic monuments to man-made marvels like ski resorts, water & amusement parks, tree adventure, escape room, paintball arena, and much more, you just name it and you will find it in the Poconos. These features itself are enough for anyone to invest in the Poconos as it guarantees a great return.

Property Size

The Poconos is a place where you will find vacation rental properties with varying sizes and shapes. The region attracts both small and large groups of vacationers, though bigger properties often outperform smaller ones as they fetch more daily rates and annual revenue. Being said that, vacation rental properties with fewer rooms give investors plenty of reasons to shine, for example, vacation rental properties with three bedrooms have one of the highest occupancy rates annually and occupy a major portion of the region. Having a vacation rental property near a lake or beach has added advantages.

Weather & Season

Seasonality is one of the major challenges that vacation rental owners face. During peak season vacation destinations soar with guests and increase the local revenue growth, but during off seasons these same destinations become ghost towns. But, not in the Poconos, this region is a popular place to visit any time of the year. There are four seasons in the Poconos and all seasons bring something new every year with tons of recreational activities to engage guests. The weather is mostly pleasant and the hottest day rarely exceeds 90° F, making the Poconos a great vacation destination.


The Poconos is one of the best places to invest in vacation rentals, not just because it’s a popular vacation destination or surrounded by beautiful lakes, forests, or mountains, and provides the best recoup in investment but also because the region is relatively affordable with lower median prices of property in comparison to similar vacation destinations. And if we have to go by the real estate trend then the Poconos may not remain affordable for a longer time. So, this is the right time to invest in vacation rentals in the Poconos and grab the opportunity that offers serious profit potential to vacation rental owners.


Investing in a vacation rental is a great way to diversify your income, build wealth, and it can also provide you an option to spend your vacation at no extra cost.

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