The Best Places to Stay in Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Named the third largest man-made lake in the Pennsylvania region and home to four islands- Burn, Cairns, Eppy and Crip, Lake Wallenpaupack is considered the centre of attraction among tourists who like to spend vacation doing picnicking, birding and hiking. A few years back, vacationers had to book a place located far away from the activity area. However, this is not the case now. There are ample places to stay within the boundary of Lake Wallenpaupack. Hence, to make you aware of the current staying places, we are mentioning some of the best vacation rentals in Lake Wallenpaupack to help future visitors to the respective place.

1. LakeFront Cottage

 Imagine yourself waking up on the Lakefront, staring at the blue sky and having your favourite morning coffee on the deck. Doesn’t it sound amazing? This is not our mere imagination. It is very much a reality if you stay in our Wallenpaupack LakeFront cottage. Our LakeFront cottage is equipped with spacious rooms, a kitchen, dining room, modern bathrooms with hot and cold water facilities, and additional facilities like a games room, jacuzzi, hot tub and nearby recreation activities. 

2. Beach house

Being surrounded by four world-class beaches, Wallenpaupack has ample beach house options. Not to forget, all of our beach houses are located near the recreational centre. Whether you want to learn diving or just catch fish, our beach houses are just a few steps away. Talking about the fish species, Lake Wallenpaupack has an amazing variety of fish species- Striped Bass, Walleyes, Catfish, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Muskellunge, Black Crappies and Chain Pickerel.

3. Villas

Do you believe in living life like king-size? If yes, our luxury villa is a place where you need to spend your vacation. On top of that, the location of the villas is nothing less than a cherry on top. Enjoy a sunny day in your private pool or spend watching movies in our Air Conditioned rooms, our villa provides a facility for all your moods and temperaments. 

4. Mansions

Our mansions are perfect luxury homes with at least 5000 square feet of living space. Made with the finest woods and most luxurious stoneworks and fabrics, our villas qualify for the best-staying place in the vicinity of Lake Wallenpaupack. Hence, the size and architectural style make our villas the best contender for a large group and extended family getaway.

5. Farmhouses

Take a break from the hectic schedule and try our farmhouses stationed near Lake Wallenpaupack. The awesome countryside views with farm animals, large trees and fresh fruits and vegetables will make you prolong your vacation in the farmhouse. Along with the rural touch, you can also expect awesome modern facilities in our farmhouses. Our farmhouses are well equipped with fully furnished rooms, modern washrooms with cooling and heating facilities, a private pool, a games room and a top-class bar.

Finding a perfect vacation home near Lake Wallenpaupack was never an easy task. However, our list provides a perfect solution to this problem. You just need to take a look at your budget, count the number of people you are accompanying and book the place accordingly.

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