Top 6 Escape Rooms in the Poconos

 Top 6 Escape Rooms in the Poconos

The Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, that is mostly known for its naturistic adventures and attractions such as Poconos biking, hiking and other unmissable places like the Bushkill falls which is also called as the Niagara of Poconos and many more natural hidden gems.

But little do people know about these thrilling places that they miss out on when they come to Poconos during their vacay days and also living in today’s fast paced world where people are stuck to their screens for hours together and in the course of searching for entertainmentment, intellectual thinking that is blended with fun for families and large groups to enjoy Escape rooms came into picture. 

In the same way, I have penned down on the 5 best escape rooms in the poconos that one must not miss stepping in, come let me walk you through this piece of Info on Escape rooms Poconos where enjoyment and entertainment awaits  

This blog is not just an information but an experience felt when read, Hope you’ll love it!  

Escape Rooms: A Team Building Activity 

If you’re someone who has never been to a escape room or you’re coming to know about this game for the first time, let me let it out to you escape room is a game where max 4-5 people are locked up in a room to solve a series of puzzles and other intellectual activities and finally find that hidden key to unlock the door as a group. 

This is how the game: Escape room is played as a team building activity where everyone in the game joins hands to solve the obstacles that come in their way and like this no one in the game is left alone too which makes the game more enjoyable when played. 

Coming to the main theme, Escape rooms in the Poconos that has turned out to be the talk of the town and that’s mostly hyped by many from young ones to teens till adults, Poconos escape rooms are crazy destinations especially for thrill seekers, mystery solvers and dare devils who want to have fun and play together with their crew. 

Remember dear reader, it is not that chill when thought, you will feel its thrill when stepped in. 

Escape rooms in the Poconos: Unveiling the fun side of Pa Mountains 

Get ready to scroll down as you are to know about the 5 best Escape rooms in the Poconos, right from its highlights to crazy thrilling delights where you will unlock the secrets of the room and escape !

1. Klues Escape Room : A Daredevils Arena  

Experience the super-fun and challenging Poconos room escape that was specially formed by former school teacher and corporate employees, Klues Escape room is one of the best one to step in to play the game in Poconos. 

Featuring 4-5 different escape rooms, where each differs from each other and has another level of group entertainment and fun to fight up and crack out the puzzles that you begin. 

4 thrilling Escape rooms of Klues 

🎲 The Curse of the Pharaoh – Experience and Explore Ancient Egypt 

🎲 Mad Hatter Room – Dare to follow Alice 

🎲 Moonshiner Room – An Adventure to Remember  

🎲 The Mad Scientist –  Be a part of the Experiment 

Duration of the Game  30 mins 
Ticket Price  $ 27 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  542 Main St, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, United States
Timings  9 am – 10:30 pm 

2. Trap Door Escape: Journey beyond Imagination

Dare to undergo this unique adventure with family and friends, featuring Trap door’s 6 escape offers with unique themed rooms where you will experience physical challenges that you ought to solve as a crew, face the real fear but have the fire to end the game by escaping the trap door escape room poconos. 

Trap Door Escape offers 6 unique theme rooms. Fight zombies and find the missing vial of the zombie virus in ‘Cure Z’ and save the world. Climb, crawl or pull to make it to the barn on this super epic ‘F5 Tornado Escape’ Storm.Brave the scariest of all ‘The Fear of Bogeyman’ and investigate the paranormal case of a missing child. 

If you want to experience something new then go to the Red Heart Mental Institute to observe the experimental Tea Party in ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ or become a patient of the Red Heart Mental Institute by accepting the invitation from ‘We’re All Mad Here’.

Duration of the Game  1 Hrs to 2 Hrs 
Ticket Price  $ 45 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  3810 PA-611 Check-in, 1st Floor Suite 9, Bartonsville, PA 18321, United States
Timings  9 am – 11 pm 

3. Breakout Escape room: Time’s Ticking 

Breakout escape room is a perfect Poconos escape room that is not just for thrill seekers but for the ones who loves to solve enigmatic mysteries as a team by gathering and planning, also this will be not be a one man’s game but of more,  where more minds align and unite to get some tasks cracking 

Highlights of Breakout Escape Room Poconos 

🎲 The Kidnapping  – Where one  is ‘handcuffed n blinbfolded’ 

🎲 Mystery Mansion  – Escape and Win as a family   

🎲 Island Escape  – One man army  

Duration of the Game  60 mins 
Ticket Price  $ 44 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  8035 Mcknight Road Suite G5. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 
Timings  10 am – 9 pm

4. Big Screen Escape Room: Try Your Luck 

Ready to attempt an escape with your family and friends by choosing any of the themed rooms within 1 hour. Breakout Escape offers 3 theme rooms to display your puzzle-solving skills for you to take part and use all intellectual strength and finish the game. 

Highlights of Breakout Escape room Poconos 

🎲 The Nuclear family – A Perfect escape room for families 

🎲 Trapped in 88 – An 80s style themed room for teens  

🎲 Solitude  – Survival of the Cleverest 

Duration of the Game  60 mins 
Ticket Price  $ 24 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  618 Blackman St, Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702, United States
Timings  12 pm – 9 pm

5. Great Escape Entertainment: Find the Right key 

This great little escape with incredible puzzles will for sure keep you and your crew on the tenterhook, here a whole new world awaits you and your family, so plan your getaway and experience an epic adventure with the escape rooms in Poconos. 

Duration of the Game  1 hour 
Ticket Price  $ 30 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  5784 US-209 Suite 2, Sciota,PA 18354, United States
Timings  2 pm – 11 pm 

6. Wonderland on Broadway: Bumped into New Mysteries 

This place gives fairy tales vibes but comes with this puzzles and frizzles, where the Alice in wonderland vibe will come to reality when you enter to play this game at Jim Thorpe and to tell it out to in simple lines this game is played with 6 people, where you will be asked to solved the mysteries given to you as a team and I am, giving out a hint as a bean tip. If you have seen the movie Alice in wonderland and you know what all happens in the movie, you will be able to solve the game more easily 

Duration of the Game  1 hour 
Ticket Price  $ 125 Per Person 
Where is it Located ?  158 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Timings  12 pm – 9 pm 

Let’s Windup on Escape Rooms 

Your team, your time and your tasks that are not gonna be a chill pill as you think but I guarantee you this will be an exciting experience for you, your family or your dear buddies who will join you inside the escape rooms of Poconos and as I had mentioned above Poconos is known for many naturalistic activities right from Poconos Biking to Boulder field hiking and many more. Do not miss this!   

By focusing on your clan plan! You might definitely come in need or search for some good place to stay during your vacations after reaching your destination but this will be a lot of hustle and bustle for your crew there in the Poconos. 

So, if you’re thinking of accommodations, we HolidayKeepers are there for you and loved ones to help you have a peaceful vacay stay at Poconos. Plan it out well by choosing the best vacation rental from our page and Do contact us for your queries, we would be happy to reach out to you. 

Let your team Plays and team adventures unfold in the Poconos !

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