A New Years Eve in the Poconos

New Year is just around the corner and you might be in full swing to plan the best ways to ring in the next year. Well, if you are planning for the ultimate New Year bash in the Poconos, you have just come to the right place!

 Let us take you through the trail of how you could spend your New Year’s with your loved ones along with where to spend it! A New Year’s Eve celebration in the Poconos won’t forget that old friend, though! In the Pocono Mountains, everyone from families to couples can eat, dance, drink, splash, and ski their way into 2022.

A winter visit to the Pocono Mountains is sure to please you, whether you’re seeking an evening of excitement, a cozy night in, or some quiet time with loved ones. Discover five distinct suggestions on how to celebrate New Year’s in the Poconos by reading on.

 Let’s go Poconos New Years’ Eve!

  • The night’s young and so are we! 

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Poconos by dancing the night away! Purchase tickets for The Settlers Inn’s Masquerade Ball or attend the event in the exquisitely adorned Heritage Barn at Memorytown Lakeside Inn & Cottages to reap the benefits of the ambience, hors d’oeuvres, open bar, and balloon drop.

Dance your way back to the 80s with DJ Rich V or have a scrumptious, quiet dinner at Berrelli’s, the choice is yours!

So instead of making the late drive home, reserve a room at the pristine Mountain Laurel resorts to add the extra sprinkles onto your night! Have warm drinks and relax your party feet in the numerous amenities Mountain Laurel has to offer this New Years’ Eve! 

  • Some yum-yum dim sums maybe?

Enjoy a gourmet meal with your loved ones as you walk down the memory lane of last year and make resolutions you definitely do not intend to keep! Get dressed up and make it a special event by making a reservation at one of the outstanding Poconos restaurants. Your palate will be delighted by the delicacies created by local chefs. Take your taste buds on a delicious tour of the world with dishes like the ideal fish and chips from Britain, the creamy chicken tikka from India, or the delectable pho and dumplings from classic Asians.

  • Cozy up, cuddle up!

We mean, it’s WINTER?! The season of all things cozy and cuddly! Perhaps spending a nice December 31 by the fireplace while reflecting on your goals and plans for 2022 sounds more like your style. Cottages in the atmospheric Poconos are the ideal place to begin the new year! 

Why don’t you head over to the warm cozy rooms at Mountain Laurel and cuddle the New Years’ away? Sounds like the perfect, magical plan to us!

  • Splish Splash the old year away! 

Warm up inside one of these huge resorts with waterparks! At these magnificent water playgrounds, the weather is irrelevant. All ages of children will love the slides and the pool, and at night, you can take advantage of the amazing resort services and activities. You may find restaurants, gift shops, and more under one roof.

Get in the warm jacuzzi or hot tub and just muse in as 2023 rings in all warm.

  • Slope up the Poconos way!

Why not start now if one of your 2022 resolutions is to “learn to ski or snowboard”? One of six outstanding ski areas in the Poconos offers lessons from passionate instructors. There are many trails that will test whether your schussing and stemming skills are advanced. On either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, conquer the slopes while skiing or snowboarding, or try snow tubing to glide down the mountainside!

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