Top Services to Schedule in the Fall for Your Home

Fall is a season when leaves begin to turn and fall and the weather starts to get colder. It is the perfect time of the year for annual home maintenance services. It is important to perform maintenance of your home, however, you can save money and time by performing these important home services during the fall. 

Here is our list of top services that you need to schedule in the fall for a second home (or your own home).

Clean the Gutters:

Autumn leaves are amazing, but not so amazing when they fall and clog your gutter. Though we all agree cleaning the gutter is not a fun thing to do, not doing so can seriously damage the interior and other parts of the home. And replacing any of the damaged parts can be overwhelming. 

Problems from clogged gutters

  • Can flood the basement
  • Damage to the foundation
  • Roof Damage
  • Pest Problem

Check for Drafts and Winter Proof-Window: 

Heat escaping from your home is detrimental to your comfort during the winter. Heat escaping through the cracks and windows is one of the major reasons for high energy bills (up to 10%) during the winter. Weatherstripping is the best and most cost-effective way of preventing heat and keeping the heating cost down. 

Test the Detectors: 

As the temperature starts to drop, we tend to seal off all the gaps from where cold winds can enter the house, but the drop in ventilation can alarmingly increase the level of carbon monoxide inside your home. So, It is recommended to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to prevent any hazardous situations. 

Clean the Chimneys:

 Much like the gutter, the chimney also requires cleaning and inspection as this could turn into a serious safety risk. Chimneys can get clogged by debris or bird nests and this can spark a fire which in turn could increase the level of carbon monoxide. A proper inspection or cleaning of the chimney would increase the lifespan of the flue liner.

Fix Driveway Cracks: 

Winter is coming and it’s imperative to fill the cracks on your driveway and parking lot as these tiny problems can quickly become big problems. Once the water gets into these tiny cracks, the water freezes and expands creating bigger cracks; consequently, the concrete crumbles, and once a tiny crack is now a pothole. So, seal coating or asphalt sealing is one of the ways to prevent your driveway or parking lot from succumbing to cracks.

Get the Heating System Serviced:

Even if you feel that the heating system is working fine, it is wise to get the heating system checked and serviced. This is something that will keep you warm during the chill nights, but if the filters are clogged with dust, the heater will have trouble discharging hot air and consume more energy.  Cleaning or replacing the filter can not just help you stay warm, but you can also save energy and money.

Get your Lawn Ready: 

Cutting down the grass on your lawn extra short is a great way to protect the green from winter damage. To conserve water, energy, and nutrients for its survival, the roots of the grass will be dormant during the winter. But to keep the grass looking great for the next summer, you need to fertilize the grass before the winter.

Painting the Walls:

If you are long due for painting your home, then fall would be a great time to do so. When the temperature drops many paints fail to dry up properly, so it is a good time to consider painting your home.

Inspect the Roof: 

It is imperative to inspect the roof in order to identify any leak, mold, or any other damages before the winter as this issue can become a big problem later on.

Check Other Winter Equipment: 

Other winter equipment such as hot water radiators, steam radiator vents, and gas heaters need to be checked thoroughly. A professional inspection of these winter equipment can come in handy. 

Basement inspection:

 Keeping your basement dry is very important, water or winter snow can damage the basement as it tends to expand the cracks and this will make repair work more difficult. It is preferable to conduct a waterproofing inspection during falls and get ready for the comfortable winter months.

With these home services done your home is all prepared to welcome the chill of winter. Indeed, this may take time and effort, but what if you can do all these stress-free? You heard me right!

You can simply register your second home on a property management platform and leave the rest to them. The best thing about it, you can also start earning passive income from your property straight away and become a proud host of your property.

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