Top Catskill Attractions: Discover Must-Visits

Museums are not just a fun place for entertainment but also an inspiration for travelers who love to know the intriguing story behind the city they are visiting. And for students and history buffs it’s an opportunity to learn the rich culture and heritage firsthand.  

If you are planning a much-needed escape from your busy life then why not treat yourself to an inspiring weekend getaway to Catskill, a quaint country town, and embrace the beauty of the past by visiting Catskill’s top Attractions, the museums where unique artifacts and exhibits will fuel your imagination and curiosity? So, embark on a journey to the enchanting museums of Catskill and connect with the bygone era.

1. Catskill Fly Fishing Centre & Museum

CFFCM is an educational organization dedicated to preserving the fly fishing heritage of America. The museum teaches the future generation everything about the fly fishing sport of the country. 

Opened in 1983, the historic building is an apt place for all the fly fisher enthusiasts to meet and share their ideas and opinions on it. 

This unique museum is an interesting place to take your young ones and introduce them to the distinct way of catching fish, its history, the type of bait used for fly fishing, and many more. 

After exploring the place and mastering the art of fly fishing, don’t forget to swing by their cozy gift shop and buy some exciting souvenirs for your loved ones. 

The gift shop displays various items including DVDs, bags, fishing bandanas, hatch charts, clothes, mugs, and other cool accessories. 

Address 1031 Old Route 17,  Livingston Manor, NY 12758
Hours Friday- Monday 10 AM- 4 PM

2. Catskill Art Society

Visiting an art museum stimulates and improves your positive emotions. A study published by the University of Arkansas shows that taking kids to the art museum increases their critical thinking. 

Catskill Art Society is one of the best art museums in Catskill to awaken and motivate potential artists in your young ones. Additionally, the museum is also helpful in facilitating the creative and professional development of aspiring as well as established artists. 

The museum is famous for organizing multiple exhibitions where the talents of emerging artists are showcased at least 8 to 10 times a year. You can visit their website and check out the upcoming events and plan your trip to Catskill accordingly.

Address 48 Main St, Livingston Manor, NY 12758
Hours Thursday- Saturday 11 AM- 6 PM

Sunday 11 AM- 3 PM

Monday 11 AM- 6 PM

3. Brunel Sculpture Garden 

The Brunel Sculpture Garden is named after the famous artist of the 20th century- Brunel. Brunel was an immigrant who traveled throughout America and studied the Native American tribes. He was a well-known photographer and also built a studio residence in the Catskill region. 

Nestled in the heart of Catskill, Brunel Sculpture Garden is dedicated to the mysteries and grandeur of nature and is home to over a dozen stunning statues. 

As you try to explore the south area of the garden, you will come across a 30 ft tall Man- Moon Haw Haw. Whereas the other sculpture -The Great White Spirit is located in the north area of the garden. 

If you, your partner, or anyone in your family are avid readers or enjoy being around like-minded people, then the museum is a perfect getaway for you as the garden is a center of regular readings, celebrations, special events, and concerts. 

Address Route 28 at, Enter off of DeSilva behind the log cabin with totem poles and signs, Desilva Rd, Boiceville, NY 12412
Hours Daily 1 PM- 5 PM

 4. The Museum of Bethel Woods

Visit The Museum of Bethel Woods and take a close look at the artifacts exhibited in the gallery that will for sure take you closer to the 60s. People from all walks of life visit this beautiful gallery to experience what it was like in the 60s.

 The permanent exhibits here include twenty films, five interactive productions, 164 artifacts on display, text panels, and 300 photographic murals. 

It is quite a large place and showcases interesting displays of objects from days of yore. According to the visitors, it takes at least 2 hours to take a full tour of the museum. 

The museum is also a hotbed of cultural activity, with regular concerts, events, and other happenings that are sure to entertain and enlighten you, giving you another great reason to visit Catskill.

Address 200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY 12720
Hours Daily 10 AM- 5 PM

5. Empire State Railway Museum 

No place in America portrays the history of the Catskill like the Empire State Railway Museum. The museum preserves and depicts the history of  Catskill and the surrounding railroads and their impact on the culture, economies, and society. 

Established in the year 1960 by railroad enthusiasts, the museum incorporated some fun rail activities like steam excursions and allowed visitors to enjoy the unique architecture, artwork, photographs, and artifacts. 

The excursions were later dropped out of the plan; however, the museum gained popularity due to its daily exhibits, hence it continued. So get ready and take your whole family for a real rail exploration with the Empire State Railway Museum.

Address 70, Lower, High Street, Phoenicia, New York, 12464
Hours Saturday & Sunday 10 AM- 4 PM


The 5 Catskill museums mentioned above offer a unique and exciting way of spending time with your loved ones. They are more than just a place to see art and history, it’s a place to learn, be inspired, and connect with the past. 

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Q: What can I expect to see at the Catskill Fly Fishing Centre & Museum? 

A. The Catskill Fly Fishing Centre & Museum offers an interesting journey through the history and art of fly fishing. You’ll find a rich collection of artifacts, tackles, and exhibits showcasing the evolution of the angling tradition.

Q: How does the Catskill Art Society contribute to the cultural scene?

A: The Catskill Art Society is a hub for contemporary artists and art enthusiasts. It features a variety of exhibitions, workshops, and events that highlight local and regional artists, contributing to the vibrant arts and culture of the Catskills.

Q: Are there waterfalls near Catskill, NY?

Ans. Yes, there are many great waterfalls near Catskill, NY, and some of the most famous ones are Kaaterskill Falls, Bastion Falls, Haines Falls, Plattekill Falls, Buttermilk Falls, and Twin Falls

Q: What are some other Catskill tourist attractions?

A:  Catskill is a great place with many attractions. For example, sample craft brews, events and festivals, camping, adventure parks, and casting.

Q: How does the Empire State Railway Museum capture the essence of railroading? 

A:  The Empire State Railway Museum offers a glimpse into the world of railroading history in the Catskills. You’ll encounter vintage trains, artifacts, and interactive displays that showcase the vital role of railways in shaping the region’s development.

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