7 Best Activities and Places to Visit in the Poconos

Poconos Mountains Area is one of the heavenly places you can savour in Pennsylvania. The place nests beautiful greenery, forested mountains, magnificent lakes and waterfalls all around the place. The Poconos is nearly 2,400 square miles of recreation filled with places for skiing, boating, adventure and nature. Many hotels, restaurants, and beautiful properties like some listed in Holiday Keepers are best for your stay in Poconos.

Explore the Refreshing Outdoors of Poconos

Whether you like hiking, biking or skiing around, Poconos has everything you are looking for. There are so many hiking trails that you can discover and enjoy around that we know you will love, as it offers something challenging for everyone. You might also find some mountain fountains that you might find interesting in the area. If biking and walking in nature holds your interest, there is no shortage of places to explore. 

Things to do in Poconos 

The Poconos has many places and fun things that you can do with your friends and family. Here are some of our favourite and best-reviewed locations and places to visit in Poconos – 

1. Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary 

Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary is a beautiful place and a popular attraction by many tourists for its family-friendly ambience. 

Reasons to go: If you are travelling with kids and you want a place where you and your kids can spend some special and enjoyable time, this place is a must-visit. This site also offers many guided tours to help you get the most of your visit. The area also has many facilities, including a butterfly hatching room, interactive live shows, and much more! 

Activities to do: You can have a good time with teenagers and kids. Indulge in many activities together and learn more in the way. 

You can help your kids win games, okay puzzles and inform them about different butterflies. You can also make crafts together and witness butterflies hatching from the cocoons and so much more! 

2. Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is the Niagara of Pennsylvania. The place has nearly eight waterfalls. The ambience is filled with lush greenery and a cool climate with soothing sounds of the waterfalls from every corner of the site. 

Reasons to go: Soak into the majestic view and spend some time away from the bustling cities around the Bushkill falls. It is one of the must-visit places to explore in Poconos. 

Activities to do: The possibilities of enjoyment are endless at Bushkill falls. There are so many things that you can do and enjoy around the area like hiking through the trails, crossing the bridges, enjoying some time at the mini-golf centres, fishing beside the waterbody, boating and much more. 

3. Big Poconos State Park 

This 1306 acres park is located at the top of Camel Mountain and nests many hiking trails, picnic areas and much more. The place has many paths, sitting areas, and well-maintained greenery that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Reasons to go: Take a breath of fresh air as you enjoy the nature and greenery of the park in this beautiful park. You can spend some quiet time with your friends, families and kids as you have many things to do at one of the best state parks in Poconos. 

Activities to do: The Big Poconos State Park is the perfect place for hiking and has many trails that have different difficulties. Whether you are a beginner or a regular hiker, this place is best for all. 

Besides hiking, you can also spend some time enjoying a picnic and having a delicious meal with your companions.  

4. Seven Tubs Nature Area 

This recreational area is around 500 acres and is one of the most popular places for hiking in the Poconos because it nests many pools and potholes filled with glacial water. 

Reasons to go: One of the most beautiful places to visit in Poconos is the Seven Tubs Recreation Area. It nests many animals and birds, which makes it more gorgeous and pleasant. You might also come across many animals trespassing around deers and foxes. 

Activities to do: If you are a beginner at hiking, The Seven Tubs Recreation Area is one of the best places to explore. The trail is relatively easy, and you can enjoy hiking around the course, which is also quite scenic. 

Another major highlight of the region is the wooden bridge with a lovely stream underneath. You can take beautiful photos in beautiful, inspiring surroundings. 

5. Old Jail Museum 

The Old Jail Museum dates back to 1871 and stands tall as a two-level jailhouse. It has cell blocks, gallows, dungeons, and a gift shop nearby. 

Reasons to go: An Old jail Museum is a beautiful place that you can explore on your own or get a guided tour around. With an informative guide, you can learn more about this historical place and learn more about the inmates in the facility and the former inmates.

What to do: Besides the informative tour guides, the jail has many tour packages that you can choose from, depending on the time and purpose of things you want to do around. 

Another exciting thing that you can do at Old Jail Museum in Poconos is book a Ghost Tour around the place. The tour guide includes stories of ghost sightings and other haunted activities that have been experienced around this place.

6. Mount Airy Casino 

Mount Airy Casino is a world-class casino with spas, poker rooms and slot machines. It is not the place for family and kids, but it is fun to hang out with friends and adults. 

Reasons to go: Mount Airy Casino Resort and Spa is a high-end casino where you can enjoy playing in luxury. You don’t have to go to Vegas because the area features more than 70 games, poker rooms, and at least 1,800 slot machines that are innovative and high-tech. 

What to do: If you like playing poker and want to test your luck at the Casino, you can spend your day with friends and special someone playing many games and waging. 

There are many slot machines that you can play from or choose a table game or poker. 

7. Kalahari Waterpark 

This 220,000 sq ft water park is one of the largest indoor water parks in the US. Non-guests of the hotel can avail passes for some fee.

Reasons to go: It is a fantastic amusement park that has many fun rides and attractions for you to choose from for you and your family. You can enjoy thrilling rides that have more family-friendly attractions. 

Activities to do: Being the largest water park, you can never get enough of this place. You can enjoy new experiences with your friends and family. Have a wonderful time around in the water park together at Kalahari waterpark. Many activities can help you play water sports, indoor spa and swimming pools around. 

You can explore many attractions like riding the Barrelling Baboon, an extreme water ride that will take you through various tunnels over a 5-foot wave.

Places to visit in the Poconos

1. Delaware Water Gap 

The Delaware Water Gap is a beautiful national recreational area that is one of Pocono’s significant places to visit. It is a 70,000 acres area with the Delaware River and has the two highest waterfalls found in Pennsylvania. 

What you can do: You can take a tour and learn more about the history of the Delaware Water Gap by exploring the Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery. You can also take a guided tour to the storied Castle Inn or experience some of the finest rich music at Deer Head Inn.

2. Hawley 

Hawley is located in the heart of the Poconos Lake Region. The area is mesmerising, especially during autumn, with colourful trees around the River Lackawaxen and Lake Wallenpaupack. With Hawley’s bike share program, you can go around the town on two wheels. 

Take a ride directly on the railway lines with Soarin’ Eagle Rail Tours for a wholly different bike experience. Plan a journey with relatives or friends and ride a two- or four-seater rail bike through the magnificent seasonal countryside.

3. Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg 

Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg are the nearest communities to New York City and have an old-fashioned American vibe about them. Their roads are lined with recreational stores, a music theatre, and even a few old-fashioned Irish taverns. 

The township includes a majestic historic castle flanked by statues and ancient buildings from the Colonial days. Local youngsters still play unattended out on the front gardens all day on the alleys lined with antique residences. 

4. Milford 

Budget Travel called Milford one of Pennsylvania’s “10 Coolest Small Towns.” The peak of the Hill (approximately a 45-minute trek) offers beautiful views of the Delaware River and the village’s Historic mansions and stores. Kayakers go to the neighbouring Delaware Water Gap.

Outdoor activities such as water, zip lines, and horse racing are locally available. And if all of this gets you starving, there are lots of venues to satisfy your need. Here are several fantastic dining options.

5. Honesdale 

Honesdale is nestled between Wayne County Hills, filled with rustic green and gold trees. The area is filled with local heritage and dates back to the 1800s in style. The small town welcomes the first steam locomotive in The US and is the starting place for the American rail network. You can visit the Wayne County Historical Society to learn more about the culture and historical events. You can also enjoy some time taking up a railway tour with the Stourbridge Line. 

6. Jim Thorpe 

The town has an entertainment theatre, Richardsonian state buildings, Ancient Greece revival palaces and rock home lanes. 

Guests may explore regional art exhibitions and shops, as well as the city’s central edgy theatrical culture. Jim Thorpe is a popular tourist site in the Poconos. There are lots to do both indoors and outside! If you visit Jim Thorpe, you will undoubtedly appreciate the natural splendour of the Poconos while trekking or driving, as well as witnessing a local performance or visiting a museum.

7. Lake Wallenpaupack 

You can spend some time around Lake Wallenpaupack, soak in the exquisite view along the shoreline, and gaze at the beautiful scenery outside. You can also take a boat cruise or a kayaking trip across the river.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful properties and small-town gems that you can discover nearby. You can take a stay near the dock and check out some of the baked goodies here. You can also collect some antique souvenirs. 

8. Milford 

It is located north of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and has scenic landscapes nearby. Pike County in the region has some of the best shopping and dining experiences. You can also enjoy the Milford Knob Trail and have a good view of the town covered in red and golden trees. 

There’s something for everyone else in the Poconos’ little neighbourhoods if you want to enjoy nature, go buying, or have a beverage or a delicious dinner in a community that harkens back to a bygone era!

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